Case Study



TARGAN is at the forefront of developing technology aimed at assisting protein producers in transitioning to a future where animals can be raised without the use of antibiotics and chemicals. Their primary focus lies in creating vaccination solutions that production yields while minimizing losses. With a product ready for production and clients on board, TARGAN sought additional software expertise to effectively control their machine. They turned to Arrow North for support in developing their Human-Machine Interface (HMI). When we began collaborating with TARGAN, they already had a development sandbox in place, but it lacked a compelling user experience and had minimal design details.



After spending approximately a month meticulously analyzing the user's experience and carefully considering the ideal conditions for the audience, we embarked on outlining the complete experience of using the machine within the field. We conducted numerous test cases, ensuring that every aspect was thoroughly examined. Subsequently, we developed a comprehensive design system that served as a guiding framework for crafting each screen required to deliver a seamless experience.

The level of detail in our design system empowered the development team to seamlessly implement the new user interface across all mass-market products, ensuring a successful and cohesive user experience.TARGAN's audience, consisting of field personnel, frequently utilizes the product in challenging environments that are less than ideal. In such circumstances, it is crucial for the ideal user to swiftly understand the situation without the need for extensive instructions or numerical data. To address this challenge, we focused on minimizing the utilization of titles and other indicators in the interface design, aiming to facilitate easy referencing and comprehension of both the operational processes and the status of the machine. By doing so, we aimed to enhance the overall user experience and ensure efficient utilization in demanding field conditions.

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The skilled and efficient Arrow North team collaborated to meticulously design, outline, and present the innovative TARGAN design system within an impressive 3-month timeline. Following this remarkable accomplishment, it took both the client and our team approximately a month to diligently construct and implement all the necessary screens required for the seamless development of the user interface. Since then, our exceptional design system has been seamlessly integrated and successfully deployed across both the client's network and our internal systems, further enhancing productivity and driving positive outcomes.



We initiated the design process by carefully considering TARGAN's valuable insights and specific production requirements. While prioritizing the user and audience needs, we took a calculated risk to ensure a well-rounded approach. To further reinforce our design strategy and execution, we provided comprehensive support to the client through extensive research best practices and early user testing with beta production products. This meticulous approach not only enhanced the justification behind our design choices but also instilled confidence in the overall outcome.



The company was already performing well before we began our collaboration. However, after partnering with TARGAN, their success skyrocketed even further. In their latest series C funding round, TARGAN managed to secure an impressive $35 million, a testament to their remarkable growth. Arrow North takes pride in having contributed to this achievement by providing top-notch software expertise. Our collaboration not only helped TARGAN gain product awareness but also enabled them to scale their operations to new heights.