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Pyrium is on a mission to make direct investing accessible to everyone. Recognizing the massive challenge at hand, the platform has been designed with modernistic and intuitive features, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can easily navigate and utilize it. Historically, investing has remained an activity predominantly accessible to the highly wealthy, leading to a lack of diversity and representation, particularly among minorities, when it comes to building generational wealth. Pyrium aims to disrupt this status quo by democratizing investment opportunities, empowering everyday people to participate and support the next generation of groundbreaking startups. By providing access and fostering inclusivity, Pyrium is revolutionizing the investment landscape and opening doors for a more diverse and prosperous future.



Pyrium aimed to cater to an audience with limited investment knowledge and experience. Our goal was to create an intuitive and seamless user experience while providing them with the expertise required to make informed investment decisions. This involved developing a sophisticated user interface that allowed users to invest in new projects and comprehend the associated risks. Our clickable prototype testing revealed a remarkable 125% increase in user retention compared to similar timeframes using the interface. Additionally, we introduced a curated selection of vetted startups and created an event which allowed users to get involved in the investment process. We also organized educational events featuring industry experts who could provide participants with insights into venture capital and successful strategies for investing.



To achieve this innovative solution, we leveraged our extensive user experience to meticulously outline the entire process. By doing so, we were able to expedite the identification of the ideal outcome and ensure a shared understanding of the user's journey. Our initial step involved defining the need for a robust investment platform, taking into account the regulatory landscape primarily applicable in the U.S.A. With this foundational knowledge in place, we proceeded to capture and organize the essential information required by individuals with limited investment experience, empowering them to make informed and intelligent investment decisions.



We dedicated several months to meticulous planning and preparation before the development team commenced their journey. Throughout the process, we diligently provided weekly design updates and meticulously crafted screens that required only minor adjustments following the client's review. With relentless determination, our team successfully completed the entire first design round of the project within a remarkably short span of one month. This encompassed the creation of mobile designs, desktop admin portals, and the issuer (company) portal. While it may appear astonishingly fast, our confidence stemmed from the meticulous requirements we meticulously designed within the framework of our user experience outline.

After an intensive six-month collaboration with the development team, we successfully built and refined the platform. This involved capturing the final design and ensuring a seamless user experience before deploying the highly anticipated private beta. Currently, the app remains in private beta, a deliberate decision by our founders to ensure a controlled and strategic rollout. While we no longer actively support Pyrium with their design uplift, it's flattering to know that they continue to leverage our robust and well-regarded design system. Our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering as we look forward to the next exciting phase of our journey.

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We transformed Pyrium's design into a clickable prototype, allowing the founders to showcase the app's experience to investors even before completing the private beta. After months of pitching, Pyrium secured $1,200,000 in funding through private investments! We were thrilled to receive praise from Pyrium's founder for our prototype, which helped generate investor interest and close several offers. Now that Pyrium has the necessary funding for project development, we can reconsider certain design elements and implement specific updates related to development. We are committed to providing ongoing support to Pyrium throughout its development cycles.